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About Counselling

How counselling works:-
In times of stress, change or difficulty a therapist is there to offer help and support for emotional well-being. Being able to explore your feelings and emotions within the safety of a confidential, trusting and professional relationship can offer you the opportunity to live your life more fully and to make any changes you feel would be beneficial to you. Choosing the right counsellor is very important but can be very daunting. I am therefore happy to answer any questions you may have and I offer a free initial consultation.

Acceptance and Trust :-
Acceptance and respect for the client are essentials for a therapist and as trust between the two develops it enables the client to look at many aspects of their life, their relationships and themselves which they may not have considered or been able to face before.
I endeavour to provide a supportive, non-judgemental space where a client feels safe while developing a greater understanding of their own thoughts and emotions and their meanings. I aim to offer support and the opportunity for clients to talk about things in confidence. I believe that the solution to our problems is within us but it is not always accessible. My role as therapist is not to analyse or give advice, but instead to be along side the client, supporting them and helping them to explore their own issues, with the belief that they will come to find their own resolutions and the ability to psychologically self-heal.

The way I am :-
I am an integrative counsellor using a range of humanistic approaches. The inclusion of modalities such as Gestalt therapy, person-centred, transactional analysis and CBT allows me the flexibility to choose techniques which are most appropriate for working with you. Initially we will spend some time exploring what you want to gain from counselling. Working at a pace that is suitable for you, together we will have an opportunity to examine the issues you are facing and gain a greater understanding of choices available to you. Witnessing the difference counselling can make to people's lives makes me proud to be involved in and passionate about the profession.

Is it for me?
For people who feel they are heading towards crisis point, and those who feel they have already reached this stage, counselling can be very effective and beneficial. People come to counselling for a large variety of reasons many of which are causing them problems or issues. There may be something in the past that feels unresolved or relationships that require attention. Counselling enables the client to enhance their insight into how they interact with others and provides the potential of change. Not everybody knows why they want counselling at a particular time in their lives but people come for many different reasons and at different stages in their lives. Some people just feel stuck and require professional support to help them develop towards possible change.

Where do I start?
I offer a free initial consultation that last 30 minutes. This allows you to meet me and ask any questions you may have before deciding whether or not you wish to arrange further appointments. I will offer a safe and confidential space where you can discuss your problems in a way that is not offered by friends or family. I will listen to the way you feel and how this affects the way you are in relationship with others. I will make no assumptions, nor will I judge you. I will accept who you are and aim to help establish a good therapeutic relationship that will enable us to work towards making any changes you wish to make in order to improve your well-being. My role as a counsellor is to offer help and support for emotional health and wellbeing.

Why do people come to counselling?
Abuse, Addiction, Alcohol, Anxiety, Bereavement, Bullying, Caring for Someone With Long Term Illness Childhood Experiences, Confidence Building, Coping in a Crisis, Coping with Feelings, Crime, Depression, Disability, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Drugs, Difficult Feelings, Eating Disorders, Family Issues, Fear, Financial Stress, Gender Identity, Identity, Illness, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Issues, Life Changes, Low Self-Esteem, Coping with Loss, Mental Health Issues, Panic Attacks, Parental Difficulties, Personal Development, Pregnancy & Fertility Issues, Relationship Breakup, Relationship Difficulties, Self-Awareness, Self-Harm, Separation, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Identity, Sexual Orientation, Sexuality, Stress, Substance Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma, Unresolved Issues From the Past, Violence, Work related issues, and many others.

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