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About Counselling

How can counselling help? :-
One of the main focuses of counselling is in creating a 'therapeutic relationship' between counsellor and client. A client needs to feel able to talk freely about himself or herself within a truly confidential environment. They need to be able to share their most intimate thoughts and emotions without the fear of judgement. They need to feel able to talk about whatever they desire to bring to therapy and explore sometimes-difficult feelings. Counselling provides this unique therapeutic relationship that allows the client to explore their feelings and emotions in a safe non-judgemental environment.

Acceptance and Trust :-
Acceptance and respect for the client are essentials for a counsellor and as trust between the counsellor and client develops it enables the client to look at many aspects of their life, their relationships and themselves which they may not have considered or been able to face before.
I endeavour to provide a supportive, non-judgemental space where a client feels safe while developing a greater understanding of their own thoughts and emotions and their meanings. I aim to offer support and the opportunity for clients to talk about things in confidence. I believe that the solution to our problems is within us but it is not always accessible. My role as counsellor is not to analyse the client or give them advice, but instead to be along side them, supporting them and helping them to explore their own issues, with the belief that they will come to find their own 'answers' and the ability to psychologically self-heal.

The way I am :-
I am an integrative counsellor using a range of humanistic approaches. The inclusion of modalities such as gestalt therapy, person-centred and transactional analysis allows me the flexibility to choose techniques which are most appropriate for working with you. Initially we will spend some time exploring what you want to gain from counselling. Together we will have an opportunity to explore the issues you are facing and gain a greater understanding. We will also be able to look at the possibilities of change in your life and I will support you in your choice of appropriate action. We will work at a pace that is suitable for you. My role is not to offer advice but to help, guide and support you to find your own way.

How counselling works:-
In times of stress, change or difficulty a counsellor is there to offer help and support for emotional well-being. Being able to explore your feelings and emotions within the safety of a confidential, trusting and professional relationship can offer you the opportunity to live your life more fully and to make any changes you feel would be beneficial to you.


"Our wounds are often the openings
                                 to the best and most beautiful part of us."
David Richo

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